Musings of a Confused Soul

Introduction to my Memories and Musings

As an Indian by birth and by culture, it is difficult at times to comprehend life in general when I started living in the US. That was a long time ago. Now I am part of this country as much as I am part of my motherland. Hence, I have so many complicated thoughts, which are leading to my interesting life here in the US. Even though I was born and brought up in India, I lived more years in the US and I am always trying to figure out where I actually belong. I have wonderful friends, in both countries.

My feelings are somewhat torn when it comes to identity. I feel like I live in both cultures on a daily basis yet not belonging to either one. I love discussions on philosophy and ancient history. I love Indian movies even with all the absurdity in them. There is always a heartwarming hidden message in almost every silly movie.

India always fascinated me. Every topic you touch is always in duality. There never was a straightforward answer to a straight forward question. Yet the answer jeers in one's face. All you have to do is to look into a person in India, may that be a child or an adult, you cannot help but find a silent spirituality, speaking volumes.

Just the same, the US still is challenging with changing times and people. I find it fascinating in a country where ‘all are equal‘ yet we are so different in many ways and most people get along very well. I had mixed feelings when I first came to the US. Naturally, leaving all the family and friends to live in a totally new country was not an easy adjustment to make in those days. It may be different now for young people who come to the US. For me, as days progressed I came to love it. I went through some funny and some not so funny days as I was adjusting to my life.

I made so many friends here who would offer their shoulders to lean on, if and when I had to go through hurdles in my personal life. I would do the same for my friends without a second thought. I cherish their friendship. Going through life can be such a beautiful experience, depending on who is in your life with you. There will always be ups and downs but with moral support from family and friends, we can overcome those hurdles. We only live once so hey…live a wonderful life.

If you ask me whether I would consider myself an Indian or American, I would say both.

America taught me how to live.
India raised me to adjust to life no matter which path it leads you to.

That reminds me of a song from one of Raj Kapoor's movies. I will post it under Beautiful Languages

After several of my friends and Family’s suggestions, I have decided to create this site. This provides me a way to express my thoughts, and control those in an organized fashion, instead of letting those wander all over my brain by accomplishing zilch.

I hope this writing will give me an outlet to my confused musings and clarify my purpose in life. Hope you enjoy reading my posts and feel free to post comments under the guest book.