#3 Morning Hue

Morning hue is passing through the blinders 

reminding me to get up from my sleep.
Birds were chirping and squirrels were running around the trees.
It was so peaceful and pleasant.
I slowly opened my eyes and started to have a monologue.

“Hmmm…what a nice day! So pleasant! Beautiful.

Oh no… I have to get up.
I will be late to work.
I have to go to work.
Why didn’t the alarm go off?
Why can’t I just sleep as long as I want?
Well I guess I can’t because …
I have to go to work. “

“Arghhh…I am so tired. Can I call in sick? Sick
I really don’t feel like going.”

I turned to the other side.

“hmmm…I can’t do that.
My conscience wouldn’t allow it
Yeah! Right!! {#smileys123.tonqueout}

I feel so tired. But…I have to get up, get ready and go. ”

I turned back again

“Oh God…hmmm….I wish I didn’t have to work.
I wish I had billions of dollars.
I would be happy even if I had just millions instead.
That would do.
Then I can just do what I want to do
to live my life.”

I turned to the other side again. 
“Oooh…wouldn’t that be nice Wow
May be I should just buy Lotto tickets every week. Cool 

No point in dwelling on it if I am not even taking steps to do something about it. Correct? 

I will start buying once a week.
Hopefully, the first week should be ‘it’ :)” 

I turned back once again.  

“Okay, I have to go now, take shower, get ready,
drink my tea, get everything ready to go, etc, etc.
Hmmm,…well…I will just stay for another minute before
I get up. I am too tired." 

Did I imply “I was tired” enough times already?

A minute or two passed by… 

“Wow!! Oh my God! It is late I better get going”
Suddenly something struck in my brain.
I said to myself,

“What the heck are you doing! …
You dummy? Today is Saturday!” Blush

All the stress and tiredness disappeared.
No more turning back and forth.

I immediately got up feeling so refreshed.
Went to the living room opened the curtains. 
Living room and Kitchen was filled with bright morning light 

Birds were chirping and making a beautiful melody.
Squirrels were running around the trees, with a playful attitude.
I couldn’t wait to make my coffee and prepare for our breakfast. 

I was stress-free, not even an inch of stress!
Cannot wait to face the day. Way too much energy!

Why can’t every day be this way?
I need to buy my lotto ticket first. 

What a pleasant and relaxed feeling! 
I will be buying my lotto today 


#1: Morning Greetings

This is how my weekday morning greetings at work start:

Me= Me
Other person = OP

Monday mornings: 
Me: Hi
OP: Hi

Me: How was your weekend? 
OP: Good and yours?

Me: Good
OP: Good

Me: Great, talk to u later 
OP: Yep. Bye!

Me: Bye

Tuesday through Thursday mornings:

Me: Hi!
OP: Hey…!

Me: How r u?
OP: Good and you?

Me: Good
OP: Good.

Me: See ya
OP: See ya 


Me: Hey you. 
OP: Heyyyy

Me: How is it going?
Op: Good….good.

Me: Oh great!
OP: Yep

Me: Ok C ya later...
OP: yep Cyaaaa…

Friday afternoons:

Me: Hey you. 
OP: Heyyyy….

Me: How are you?
OP: Good and you?

Me: Good any plans for the weekend? 
OP: Yep…[and this is where the time seems to go slow because there is a lengthy explanation on what they will be doing that weekend, so excited about it] and you?

Me: Ooooh…same, I will be cleaning the house, getting the groceries, cooking, etc..etc...
OP: Ooooh...sounds exciting.

Me: Yep. Great! You have fun and have a good weekend 
OP: Yes you too have a good one