A Beautiful Love Letter


Every day I write letters to you with a pen taken from my heart and
dipped in colors taken from flowers. 

How can I tell you how much you taunt me every moment of my life
I dream about you and wake up in your memories
I get lost in your thoughts just as a thread between the beads on a necklace

You are the music in my breath,
you are the classic sound on veena’s strings
and you are the song of my dreams
The second I think of you, I smell the fragrance of jasmine 

May it be a short journey or a long journey OR
may it be on a lonely road or at a fair, filled with people
The minute I miss you, my mind feels alone and lonely

Be it East or West or be it North or South,
your smile teases me everywhere.
No matter how far I am from you,
you keep coming into my heart even more

Storms might have stopped and
Seas might have separated me from you,
but you have still stayed in my heart with a smile
and will be there forever
I came this far with your picture in my heart

Our connection is precious and will always be there for many lives to come
Just as clouds and lightning, sandalwood and water
I have to be reborn many, many, times
The love between us is so intoxicating and sweet
I have to be reborn an infinite number of times just to be close to you

I have recently gone to a concert in the memory of Dev Anand and Shammi kapoor. 
( Two of the biggest stars ruled in 60s and 70s in Hindi Cinema)

That is when I found out, this song was about India!
All this time I thought the hero was singing about his girlfriend. LOL!

This is my translation of an evergreen classic Hindi patriotic song written by Gopaldas Neeraj.


Mera Joota hai Japani - - -

Not all is exact translation. I have slightly changed some and added my own ideas

My shoes are from Japan, 
My dress is from England
My red hat is Russian
but my heart is Indian

I wandered upon this wide open road confidently

What is my destination and where to stop
I don’t know and I am not worried

I still keep going with persistence
Just as a hurricane in a river
where the waves of life flow up and down

It is ridiculous to wait at the shore
and keep asking for the path
towards the motherland
which is already in your heart

Do not stop, keep moving towards your heart
As long as you keep moving there will be a story
Keep going until the story ends by itself
Once you stop moving there will be no glory

I will become the princess of fallen hearts

I will sit upon a throne whenever I desire

My face will become familiar, and familiar
until it becomes a surprise to the world

My shoes are from Japan, 
My dress is from England
My red hat is Russian
but my heart is Indian






I love to translate old Hindi songs which have more Urdu words. I think Urdu is one of the most poetic languages I can think of. Especially those old Hindi songs…hmmmm… bring back so many nice memories by listening to those.


Here is my interpretation of one of those songs:

We have our dreams. 

We have our complaints. 

We have our stories. 

We have our conversations. 

We may sometimes forget
The conversations that took place
Between the loved ones
 and us
But the memories are still there. 

Those memories, suddenly…
appear in our lives
Even after the loved ones are gone.

Some happy memories,
Some sad memories, 

Aah, still those are our memories,
Bittersweet memories.

Don’t worry. Be happy. 
Seize the moment and Live in the present. 

Okay, the last sentence is just my creation. Ha Ha!Big Grin