A prequel to my story on Bank robberies

Dec. 4, 2014

Before I write about the topic, I had to write a bit about the reason I got into banking industry. 

Isn’t life funny? It just throws stuff at you and you are supposed to take it without any complaints. Well that is all good and dandy as long as we come through all the hurdles and sit back and talk about those with a smile on our face. On the other hand life shakes a person so bad he/she takes another path entirely where there is no coming back.

Thanks to my parents, my grandma, my aunts and every other person who crossed my path and influenced me to be a better person and take life with a grain of salt which made me strong.

Now this may sound as a story of discrimination…well it was. Unfortunately, I was discriminated by my own people. 

Any time I say that, my daughter always says,
“Don’t keep saying ‘my people’ and ‘your people’. There is no ‘your’ or ‘my’ people. People are people. People are same everywhere. Some are good and some are bad, no matter what their color or culture is. That is it. Period. Don’t try to be a racist”

In case some of you don’t already know, she was my grandma in her past life. 

We moved to Boston from Long Island, Almost a year later, I got a job at a software company owned by an Indian guy. Actually I got 2 jobs. He also had a Respite service for elders and he wanted an admin for that area and he said I could work 4 hours as a programmer and 4 hours as a Respite coordinator.  And slowly transit into development. Well I had to start somewhere so I accepted both positions.

There was another coordinator doing the same job as I was. She was not an Indian. I was doing well and 1 year passed by. My coworker got a raise and I did not. I was not sure why that was at the time. I worked just as hard or even more. I deserved a raise and did not get one. 

So I asked the owner and his response was that his company was not doing well financially and he cannot afford to give me a raise at that time. But he said I would definitely be getting a raise next year!! 

He gave a raise to my coworker so she won’t leave.

He figured that since that was my first job I wouldn’t leave anyway!

Okay, now my spirit was completely crushed and felt depressed the remaining day. That was a Friday. So I moped around on Friday and on Saturday when I got up, I decided to look for another job. So I started to update my half a page resume ☺ Basically I worked on my resume that weekend. Now I had to look for companies that may hire me which are in Boston. On Monday, I decided to call in sick. (Since I really was… in a way…) When I called on Monday I told my boss I am sick and I will also be taking a one week vacation which I never took for that entire year. I really needed that. He was not happy. Not that I cared...sheesh!!

So on Monday I was looking in the newspaper for jobs..(Ha Ha Ha..who does that these days…?) While doing so I was glancing through the window from my 4th floor apartment building. Looking at the traffic passing by…then suddenly I saw this bank right across the street!! I see that everyday. But never did it appear like a castle before with some wavy words asking me to “Come….Aruna, Come….Aruna, Come….” 

!! Hmmm!!! I thought….why not? I will go there and ask if they have any position available? Well I got nothing to lose. Right? So I got ready and just crossed the street and went inside that bank with a copy of my 1 page resume.  Once I was in, I spoke to a lady in her late 30s or early 40s, I asked if I could speak with the manager. She introduced him to me who was actually sitting next to her and he heard every word I spoke until then. And while she was pointing at him he stood up and shook my hand. I said I am looking for a job and handed him my resume and told him what I was doing and why I would like to get another job.

Of course I would never say that now. I have become a bit more diplomatic now. I think… well…may be not. FOR CRYING OUT LOUD….who says I want another job because they are not giving me a raise kee kee kee. :)Wild. I was really a dummy then! Well I may still be.Wink Now a days, being honest is considered as a stupidity depending on circumstances. That is sad isn’t it? 

Manager for some reason was impressed by the way I spoke and sort of confused why I was telling him about the raise! Well actually I did not know then but he told me later.

He read my resume and said, I am over qualified for the job posting they have. My heart just jumped. Oh wow! They actually have an opening! I have to apply for it. So I told him “I am very much interested even if my qualifications are above your expectations for this posting”.

I was full of it wasn’t I? Too much confidence is not good either. But hey! It worked for me.
I had no clue what the position was at that moment. He told me it is for a teller position and there will be training if selected. I said okay. He gave me an application to fill out. I did and gave it to him. He said he would get back to me early next week. I said okay and thanked him and left.  That very afternoon around 5 PM I got a call from that bank manager. He said, ”if you are still interested the job is yours and you will be starting the training the next Monday for a week and start the actual job here the following Monday.

WOW!!! That was amazing! I was not expecting that. I was going to apply for a few more jobs but was just being lazy for that day since I already applied for one. Did not think I would get that. That week as soon as I got an official letter I actually went to my office and gave my letter of resignation. Ooohoo!!! I felt so powerful. J

To make it short, in 1 year period I got promoted from teller to In-branch Trainer then to New Accounts Representative.

I realize I am writing my entire life story here.
Oh well what the heck. I only live once. Big Grin ( I love these smileys)

Now comes the fun part (not!) on ‘BANK ROBBERIES'’. Fun now but not then.Cool