Incident #2 - "Ahaa" moment

During certain years of my work between 2008 and 2013, although it was not on a daily basis, I developed a habit of listening to certain audio books while driving to and from work.

Two of my coworkers who are also my friends, Dennis and Gary organized an audio and video library at work. People can borrow these by signing up. There were tons of genres to choose from. 

As usual one fine morning I was on my way to work. As soon as I got into my car I inserted the audio disk and started to drive. 

To be honest, I don’t really remember if I was listening to Eckhart Tolle’s or Napolean Hill’s book. All I remember was, it was about the purpose of life and how we can make it happen. Most of you must have heard of both or may be even read their books. Or may be not! Oh well!

The narrator’s voice was soothing and captured my attention. I have been listening to this on and off. On that particular day, while listening, I heard words ‘Aha moment’. Instead of listening to the rest of the narration, I started a self-debate. Suddenly my convoluted mind started throwing all these miniscule thoughts, which got me involved in an open debate.

My self-talk started to overpower the narrator’s voice. I stopped listening to what he was saying and having this interesting discussion with my self. 

I tend to talk out loud when I am driving by myself. A good way to keep my mind occupied.

It went like this:

“ Hmm…how do you spell ‘Aha’? Is it ‘AHA’ or is it “AHAA’? It could be both! 
I can say ‘aha’ with a short cut or may be ‘ahaa’ with a length at the end. 
It could also be ‘ahaaaa’ right?! 

I guess it depends on that moment and how important it is to you/me! 

If I buy a lotto ticket and win $10 then it would be an ‘aha’ moment!

If I win $1000 then may be an ‘ahaa’ moment!!

But if I win $1,000,000 then it would be an ‘ahaaaaaa’ moment!!!

Ooooh..nice to have that ahaaaaaa moment. 
Oh well, I think I probably would be happy with ‘AHAA’ moment. So it must be spelled ‘AHAA’ "


As I was saying my last sentence …  at that same moment while I was saying it out loud, I saw a car passing me by with the nameplate reading ‘AHAA’!!!!!! 

What the heck?????
Not fair Confused I should have spelt it as ‘AHAAAAAA’ Cool

Well I guess t doesn’t really matter because... I did not even win $1000. LOL!
Oh wait, may be I should have bought a ticket, then it would have been an Ahaaaaaa moment Wild


Incident #1 - Bizarre!!!


Talking about coincidences, here is one. Bizarre!

One day, I was driving back home, after work on 101. 

I often look at the license plates on cars that pass me by. We have the weirdest personal license plate numbers in CA. My hobby is to keep a list of the funny ones.

I was driving and I saw a very fancy black car with tinted glass windows passing by in the next lane. I automatically looked at the license plate, which said “AMAL”. It caught my attention immediately. I kept mumbling to myself while driving as follows... 

“Hmmm…Amal…amal…amal…that sounds like an Indian name. I wonder if the owner of that car is Indian! Wow!! It looks like a very posh car. It already passed me by…I don’t remember what type of car it was. I should have noticed but I was more into the license plate, funny! Hmmm….amal amal amal….. Okay…” 

So after I reached home, I had my coffee, got things ready for dinner and went to my computer to open my email.
I saw one notification from the spiritual cinema group about a movie to watch for the coming week and the name of the movie was “Amal”!!!