Morons, Stupid people, Nincompoops…

I forgot that the time changed and reached work at 7 am instead of 8… Grrr….

Oh well, I guess I can leave early. Yay!!

But I didn’t. I wanted to finish what I was doing and by the time I stepped out it was a bit late. Driving down the freeway 101 towards East. The scenery is so captivating. It was amazingly beautiful and breathtaking. But I couldn’t completely enjoy the feeling because I was driving so needed to be alert. My mind started to sing inside my brain.


The hills are alive with the sound of traffic…
With sounds they have heard for 80 years…

The hills fill my heart with the sound of traffic…

My heart wants to shout every time I hear
My heart wants to beat the car that is near
Which comes from one lane to the other

My heart wants to caw like a crow 

That flies across as a breeze…and blah blah blah...

Then I noticed it was getting a bit dark. Hmmm…time change!
So I turned my headlights on. Driving with that song in my mind.
It had been 20 minutes and I am still driving.
I noticed some of the cars did not have their lights on.

I started to deviate from my musical brain to irritable brain.
“Oh great why don’t these people turn their lights on? It is getting dark. 
Don’t they know it is dangerous to drive without lights at night?

If a car is about to change the lane and did not see the lights they can cause a major accident. Don’t they know this? Are they stupid? Oh come on…turn your lights on you morons…you stupid people…you nincompoops and so on and so on…”Mad

I am about to reach my exit, suddenly felt so tired.SickI did not want to cook once I get home. I wanted to go to ‘Ralphs’ grocery store on my way to pick up some frozen dinners. As I turned onto Ventura, I noticed way too many lights with high beams behind and bothered my eyes. I restarted my irritable engine in my brain. 

“My God... lower your headlights you morons, …You stupid people,…You nincompoops
and so on and so forth…”  
They are on the surface street. Why do they need to have their lights with high beams? Boy people are really stupid. On and on… “ Mad

While doing so I inadvertently passed the grocery store. And I got even madder…Grrrr. Well now I have to go to Trader Joe’s (grocery store!). Okay fine actually that is better. So I went there got some stuff went to the cashier, paid with my card and asked for some cash back and waiting for her to put the stuff in the bag. While doing so, I just happened to see a lady with a really beautiful dress. I started to look at the dress. It was my favorite color. She wasn’t looking so it is okay for me to look. Ha Ha!! Cashier gave the receipt, I took it and got my cart and started to leave. Suddenly the cashier said, “Ma’am your cash.” with a smile.

Oops, that lady’s dress really distracted me. I took the money, said ‘oops sorry’ and ‘thank you’ then left. I went to my car and about to start, then I called my daughter ( Silly me, I should have called her before going inside LOL) to ask her if she wanted anything from there. She said “Mom, can you get Fish Fillet, French fries, large lemonade and may be spicy chicken sandwich from McDonald’s?” I said Okay. 

On my way I went to McDonald’s drive through, ordered the stuff through the speaker…or whatever that is! The guy said “$9.39”. While waiting in the driveway, there were way too many cars behind me in the line with their glaring lights on. I once again started to get irritated. I have to move forward to pay first before picking up the food. So I went and paid. Then needed to go to the next counter to pick up the food.
Before leaving I happened to see some charity ‘drop in box’ right in front of the first counter. So I wanted to put some money (Coins) and I was looking for it with my eyes infused with glaring lights through the rear view mirror, in the dark. These lights behind me did not help much. Finally with the same irritation I dropped some coins and drove.

After a minute, I realized that I did not pick up the food!!! What the heck! I just yelled at myself. My God! What am I doing?!? Now I cannot back up. So I have to turn around and went into the parking lot parked my car and went inside McDonald’s. As I was stepping in, I noticed just one guy waiting, and the attendants inside were talking about the person who did not pick up the food and sort of laughing about it. I heard them and waited for them to finish and said, “That was me…sorry I just drove through without picking up” and made a face and started to laugh, they all laughed including the guy who was waiting for his food. (This situation seemed similar to the one I experienced before. Why do these things happen to me?!)

I felt so embarrassed. Got out with the food, put the bag in the car, then headed towards home just two more blocks. I had to turn right onto ‘Owensmouth’ street, just before reaching it, a car just crossed so fast, and so close I was startled. Once again my irritable mood came back. 

“Why don’t these people learn how to drive? These people are giving me heart attacks…morons, stupid, nincompoops…blah blah blah … “ I guess I need to learn more curse words. Wink

I slowed down and I was driving and suddenly it felt like I was on the wrong road. It did not look right. I was confused, I slowed down and started to look for the street name and confirmed that I was on the right street and increased my speed (within the limits of course). My street came, I needed to turn left, once again it felt weird. But turned left and reached my drive way turned right and suddenly…the whole drive way was dark. Huh!!!

Now… Who is the Moran? Who is the Stupid person? Who is the Nincompoop?

Funnnyyyy Ahahaha WildHeheBlush{#smileys123.tonqueout}Hehe.

Still Learning...

Lessons in Life #4 - "Can I have a hug?"

I had to go to the grocery store. While I was there at the complex, I called my daughter to ask if she wanted anything from there. She said, if I can, to get some food from ‘Poquito Mas’ in that same shopping complex. I started to walk in front of other stores while looking for it and she was still on the phone as I was walking. While talking to her, I saw this innocent looking boy of 14 or 15 years of age walking towards me in a white shirt and holding a small bag. Then he turned around and started following me. I stopped and looked at him. He was sort of mumbling and I couldn’t understand what he said. His face was so lost and he looked so sad. He came closer and just stood there looking straight into my eyes without even a blink. I said, “Are you lost? I am sorry I couldn’t hear you. What were you saying?” Then he said, “Can I have a hug?” with a really innocent face.

Although it was only a few seconds, still, convoluted part of my brain started to have a debate with the rational part. This is how the deliberation went in my mind:

What if this kid is lying and what if I give him a hug and he turned out to be a pervert? What if this kid is not lost! Is he really lost? He did not seem normal.  His face does look very innocent. etc…etc…]

Finally rational part of my brain won the debate. I felt so bad. I said, sure and I gave him a hug.  Then I asked him again “Are you lost?” 

He said, “my mom… my mom…will be… uhmmm…here somewhere…hmmm…to pick me up…” and started to look towards the parking lot. I was also looking around to see if anyone is looking for him. Suddenly he started saying “my mom… my mom” with such an enthusiasm and ran towards a car that was coming closer. I waited until he sat in the car and made sure the ‘mom’ was the one he was looking for. It appears to be his mom all right.

It is sad that most people, in general, are good. But the social conditions and the circumstances make it harder to help people in need. May it be for a dollar or a HUG! Isn’t it?

I don’t think I can forget his face ever. I truly wish him all the best in life.


Lessons in Life #3 - Am I selfish? 

Why do we behave the way we do?

It was some time between 1993 and 1995. My workplace was just one block from where we lived back then. I always walked to work. On one fine morning, I was walking and decided to get some Starbucks Coffee before getting into the bank. As always, there were way too many people inside Starbucks. What is up with people and coffee anyway? 

What is the difference between addicting to something that is called illegal and something that is not? Well, I know what you may already be thinking, “Uh…dah…difference is [illegal]” Well my thinking is…”addiction is addiction” correct? Well okay, …now to stick with my story….

I was getting close to Starbucks. There were way too many people going in. While I was right behind a few people, my nose was attacked by a stench of really unbearable smell. I wondered what it was! 

Right at the time I was stepping inside, I noticed this homeless person asking for change and everyone was ignoring and walking past him or going into the coffee shop. I did the same too. 

While standing in line for 2 or 3 minutes, I kept thinking about homeless people and how the numbers are increasing and how annoying it is to see those asking for change while you are passing them by! The second I see a homeless person ahead of me, all I could think of was ‘oh no, now I have to pretend to ignore that this person even existed! It is so painful to walk by him/her.’ Most of us in general, are self-centered whether anyone agrees or not. 
Why am I feeling guilty? In my defense….I did not cause him/her to be homeless! This was my thought!! Sad!!

Most homeless people started increasing since Vietnam war and most of them are veterans. There may be reasons including social, mental, and economic just to name a few out of many. Most of these people fought for their country for reasons, which were absurd. When they started they were young and strong both mentally and physically. If they were not physically fit they were trained for it. They fought for a cause they thought was patriotic and they fought with enthusiasm. A lot of them gave their lives for their country. When they came back the ghosts from the past did not let them be. They haunted them until their sanity is gone. They lost families, peace of mind and got addicted to drugs. Now they are almost considered nobody. 

These were some of the awful, conflicting and sad thoughts came into my mind while still waiting for my turn to get my coffee. My turn came and the girl at the counter greeted me with a smile and a “Good morning”. I reciprocated. She said once again with a smile “What can I get you?”

Without even having a second thought I said “2 café Mocha non-fat with whipped cream please” also with a smile. While she was handing over the order to another girl, I realized I ordered 2 café mocha!! Then a smile came on to my face. I took both cups of coffee and stepped outside and went to the homeless person and said, “Hi would you like some coffee”. 

The look on his face was speechless. I wish I had a camera to take a picture of his face. Here was a homeless guy with really dirty and messy clothes, with equally messy hair and on top of it emanating an awful smell but his face just lit up with the question I asked and I just didn’t have words to explain how I felt. That was the most beautiful face with the happiest smile I had seen that day. He said thank you several times and took the coffee with a heartfelt gratitude. I said “you are welcome, have a nice day” and walked away to my work. That feeling can never be able to explain completely as to how I felt that day. After all, all I did was just gave him a cup of coffee but doing something as simple as that can really make one feel happy at that moment. 

If not for anything else, we should at least help others within our limits whenever an opportunity arises so WE can be happy. 

I know this sounds selfish but hey it works for me to be okay with everything in life.

 Lessons in Life #2 - How do you describe stupidity? Am I stupid?

Is it Ignorance, Rudeness, Obnoxiousness, Futility, being vain…I can keep adding more words to describe what it is but decided not to. I know you get the picture. Correct? 

I thought I would share an incident that happened to me this past weekend. 

I went to a store to buy some stuff. I was maneuvering my cart as usual through those aisles, while picking the stuff and throwing it into the cart. Next, I went to the aisle where the Chamomile tea was. 

I went a few yards and I saw this lady with her cart, coming my way. I tried to move my cart as much as possible. But she left her cart right in the middle and started to look for whatever she was looking for. 

I waited to see if she would be done in a few seconds….I gave her a minute. She was very nonchalant and ignoring the fact I was right in front of her and took her own sweet time.. I finally said to her in a very low tone of voice “excuse me…” She heard but ignored me. It was too obvious she was being a jerk. I waited a few more seconds. Then I cleared my throat and said to her “Excuse me…I need to get to the other side, could you please move your cart?” in a very pleasant manner.

I was already in the middle of the aisle. She looked at me with a really angry face and said, “You go back. I am still looking here.” I was dumbfounded. I said, “Go back? Where? I just want you to move your cart so I can go forward..” She got angry! I have no idea why. She said, “I am not moving, you go back and go around”. 

Uhmmm…what just happened? I don’t think I have done anything wrong. Why was she angry with me? 

At this point, another lady came behind me. I guess she heard the way this angry lady was speaking to me. She said to the angry lady “You cannot talk like that with other people. Mind your manners. You are in America now. Learn to be polite.”  

At first, I thought they both are together since she had the same accent as this angry lady. But then, the angry lady started to yell at this nice lady “Who the hell are you to tell me how to talk? You go back. Go back both of you wherever you came from” The nice lady rolled her eyes and left from that aisle. 

Hmmm. Does not add up! I still kept my cool. But at this point, I made a mistake. I laughed. While laughing, I looked straight into her eyes. 

That is when she lost it, her sanity that is. Oh, wait. She doesn’t have that to begin with. Dah!

She said, “Don’t be stupid, just turn around and go back.”
While she was saying that, my face was still filled with that sarcastic laughter. But, as soon as she finished her sentence I finished laughing. 

I heard what she said. Boy oh boy, …she really invoked my real self out. She should not have done that. My face changed. When I get angry, I become a completely different person. My face becomes grotesque and scary!!! My voice becomes even scarier and intimidating. 

With that scary face, I went close to her and said in a low but very assured tone “What did you just call me?” She stepped back a bit. I asked her again “What did you call me? Did you just call me stupid?” Her tone changed now. She said, “ No I did not say you are stupid I said don’t be stupid”. 

Huhmmmm…what? Let me get to the dictionary in my brain a bit…. Is there a difference? 

Then I looked straight into her face once again and said “Okay, well let me tell you this. I am saying YOU ARE stupid. Now move your cart back”. I spoke loudly and that followed with a question to the store “Is anyone here who can help me have this lady move her cart please?”. I did not move an inch until one of the store attendants came over and pulled her cart back so I can move forward. I thanked the guy. 

It was obvious there is something wrong with her. after a few minutes, I saw that second lady in another area and she said to me “She has a devil in her. It has nothing to do with you. Just ignore her”. I thanked her for trying to be supportive and moved on to the counter to pay. 

After all is done, I was about to leave. The girl at the counter said, “Have a good one”. I said, “Thank you, you too have a good day”. Then I was about to turn towards the exit door. Suddenly, I heard a loud, angry and scary voice that yelled in my face with an even scary face “GOOD DAY”. I was startled and so did the rest of the customers in line and the lines next to mine.. Then That bad lady left with her stuff with a really angry face. 

I looked at everyone. Everyone looked at me with puzzled faces. I made a face shrugged my shoulders and laughed. They all laughed too. 
Of course, they had no idea what happened a few minutes back. I am positive they all thought that lady was weird. Of course, she was. She ‘had a devil in her’. Ha ha ha. 

I cannot help but thank her for creating that situation. Because of it I am able to share this incident with all of you. 

I thank you, angry lady. I wish you to have a better life from now on. Maybe you should learn how to breathe by taking up yoga classes, better yet 'Laughter Yoga' would do you good. That should solve all your problems. LOL!  

Lessons in Life #1 - Hope you will have a better day! 

Oh…MY Gunness…!!! (That is short for goodness!!! LOL!)
When I heard this from my daughter I was speechless!!! 

My daughter went to get some coffee at Starbucks drive through. There was an SUV in front of her car. In front of that SUV there was another car. The lady in that car was ordering. 

But the person in the SUV was getting agitated because the car in front of him was not moving! He started to express his anger by using his hands in an agitated manner by showing his middle finger. That guy was getting mad at the lady for not moving away from the window. 

There was no way she could move without taking what she ordered. He started to yell at her by using obscene words. “ B#@$%…. move forward”. 

The lady in the car started laughing and tried to tell him with hand gestures that she could not move because she was waiting for her order. 

The guy started to yell at her by saying “ You retarded B#@$%….” and honked. She couldn’t move. Again he honked. 

At this point, the lady got down from her car and went to the guy in SUV and said to him, in a pleasant way “Can you see… I cannot move my car because I am waiting for my order. If you can wait for a minute or two,  I can take my order and leave”. Then she goes back to her car. He again yells at her “ You F@&$…ing B&%#@….” and points his middle finger pointing up in the sky for her to see…again! 

She just ignores him. The lady was talking to the attendant who was taking the order. She was telling ‘something’ in a low voice. After a minute or so she takes her stuff and leaves. 

Now it is the SUV guy’s turn to order. He pulls towards the window. SUV guy ordered his Coffee. The attendant hands him over his stuff and says to him, “You do not have to pay sir. The lady who just left paid for your coffee and she wanted me to convey to you that she hopes ‘you have a better day’. The attendant repeated the same twice.

I wish we could all be like this lady when things get rough. 
Hats off to her CoolThumbs up

What is Life? 

I have some free time

I go for shopping. 
For what you ask?

I have no idea!

I am strolling in the store
I see something I like
I go close to IT to see more
As a matter of fact I come to love IT

I decided to have IT
I tried to pick IT up
I see other things hatched on to IT
Those I don't really care for
But those come with IT 

I want that one thing 
I know for sure
IT gives me immense pleasure 
just by looking at IT
So I go for all 

I guess that IS Life