Slum dog millionaire

People become supersensitive when it comes to....

Some time back, In some of the discussions through my family website, one of my cousins made a comment on Slum Dog Millionaire. The comment was ““It was a good film but they shown  INDIA as ugly poor and cruel. This movie is nominated for Oscars. My question is why? Does it mean Indian cinema is not producing good films? I am not able to digest. can anybody tell me?”

I have responded with my take on this movie below.

The movie is about the slum kids. Especially about one kid, how against all odds he could come on “Who wants to be a millionaire” and answered each question while relating to his own life experiences. As far as the most difficult scenes to watch…that is the reality. There are people who use little kids for their own benefit and they have no conscience what so ever. 
We do have religious riots where people kill each other, India has slums where there are sewers such as the ones the film depicts. So yes, India does have ugliness, poverty and Cruelty along with Beauty, Richness in terms of Culture, tradition as well as the materialistic things and above all most gentle people you can ever imagine. But reality is reality.

For people who say “ Indians can also make this type of films, why can’t they receive an award?” Yes they can make these type of films. And they actually did. If you take old movies with Amitabh Bacchan, he played an under dog in most of his earlier films and it was also shown how he overcame all odds. 
The reason Indian films would not go for Oscars and Golden Globes and etc…is…In Indian movies the reality is never shown, there is nonsensical story telling, overacting and too many idiotic (While still entertaining) song and dance numbers. How can anyone take those movies seriously? These movies are catered towards the Indian audiences.

Where as Danny Boyle (Director) saw Bombay through his eyes along with the screen play written by Simon Boufoy adapted from an Indian novel written by an Indian. Based on my research, this Indian Novelist never even stepped into a slum area but writes this novel, where as Slum Dog Millionaire’s director actually goes there and films it. The way he depicted the movie shows how much passion he developed for India and its people. Some Indians get upset because they are only concentrating on the bad parts of the movie, which are imperative to the film and its main character’s background.

The main Character ‘Jamal’ is from the slums and in spite of that he goes on to participate on a popular show and wins it and he does it not just for the money but for love. That is something an Indian should be proud of. Most people go on these game shows for one reason only and that is money. India is on the top of the globe now. Indian people are in almost all facets of life, Doctors, Lawyers, IT specialists, moviemakers, etc. We have a booming economy. Most people (Non Indians) know that. Even in the movie, ‘Jamal’s brother had a dialogue where he says India is on top of the world now and every one is looking towards it. 

Just because there are some heart wrenching and hard to see scenes in the movie does not mean that people would think that every Indian lives like that. 
If I send a picture of a bunch of homeless people sleeping on the streets of Los Angeles, would Indians think that all Americans are like that? No. We have enough sense not to think that way. 
So we need to look at movies with messages in a different light and see past the ugliness and look forward to the beauty behind it.

We get very touchy about these types of things and we have every reason to be. 
Historically speaking we were taken advantage of, by so many groups of people from all over the world and it is not easy to forget that. So when a foreigner makes a movie about India, we become touchy and subconsciously think, the invasion is happening all over again on a different level. We need to get past that and be creative in our thinking and look at the big picture.

As far as getting the awards, we should be proud that people who are seeing this film are realizing how much positive thinking goes on in the Indian minds and how much they embrace anyone no matter where they are from. Indian culture was based on that principal. Why should we give up on that now? Ultimately the movie is a good movie. It seems as though some people in India don’t necessarily think it is a bad movie but are just ashamed of an unfortunately negative aspect of Indian life is being seen by so many people, despite the fact that it does exist. And don’t forget that the movie does also show the positive aspects of life, which is actually is the heart of the story. 

If any one has any comments, please post it. I would love to hear others’ opinions

Understanding the undertones of religious significance

This is my take on the new movie called PK.(Tipsy)

When I read comments about this movie, I was a bit disheartened. I wanted to see this movie so much and waiting for it to be released in US.

Aamir Khan is one Indian super star, who  is doing something no other super stars are even thinking about. May be others are thinking but not really putting any effort. If any of you watched his show ‘Satyameva Jayate’ you would know what I am talking about. 

He touched upon so many issues that are social, economic, family, psychological, bribery, convoluted democracy, etc which are degrading and pushing mother India down and giving her a bad name. Aamir Khan is trying his best by contributing this knowledge, which most Indians are turning a blind eye to. He is trying to make India a better place for all Indians.

Hence, when I read about this PK movie, my first reaction was,… ‘What? How can Aamir Khan do this kind of movie which puts down a religion? He is not that type of an individual!’.

I sort of, lost interest in watching that movie.
I am so glad that convoluted thought lasted only a minute. I reacted without any basis, just because I read something and without even giving myself a chance to judge objectively by watching the movie. I reacted the same as millions of hypnotized people, when they hear stuff from so called famous people without thinking objectively. 

I went and saw the movie this weekend. I loved it. The movie delivers a very strong message with humor. Just as “Andaaz Apna Apna”. Only ‘PK’ has more depth and dealt with real issues that are plaguing the country.

The movie did not just show downside of one religion but also all.

The fact this alien is encountered by people, who happened to be Hindus, made it more obvious to some Hindu audiences, that they are being targeted. It also provided some kind of a twisted pleasure to some people who are not of the same religion.
This movie also showed terrorists who are not Hindus, blowing off the train and killing innocent people. Of course no one mentions that! 

The movie was about the idea of finding God when you are in need.
It is about how people can take advantage of people who are in need.
It is about people who are dressed in saint clothes and ripping devotees off.
It is about people wanting to be one with God, without realizing that they are being ripped off by some of these so called ‘gurus’.
It is about these same so called religious leaders, who in the name of God, want to “protect” God by protecting themselves, by taking others’ hard earned money.
Ridiculous isn’t it?

So, people, before you judge, go see the movie. As some one said in one of the posts, these people who made the movie is using this as a premise to get more money out of it. So what?
They are in that business of making money. Why don’t you get something out of it too?

If you can take the message and change it for the better then do it. We are not dumb people. We have intelligent brains, so use it and understand the message and see what you as an individual can do about it.