My Dad The Merchant

Our home was like a haven to all. I grew up with so many cousins, aunts, uncles, grandparents, friends, and wonderful neighbors. Both the front and the back doors to our home would open when we get up in the morning and they would only close when we were about to sleep. 

The thought that any body we wouldn’t know can walk into our home never occurred to us. We never had to think about burglars. The only burglars I could think of at that time were people picking flowers from outside of the wall. Since the flowers would be outside that is not considered burglary. LOL. 

My parents had grape trees planted in our front yard. The very first season when the grapes started to show up as bunches and bunches, we kept eating everyday, but still a lot left even after sharing those with our neighbors. 

That is when my dad had a great idea. He said, “let us sell them. We will put a board at the front gate that would read, “Grapes are for sale”. 

He finally made sure he has a scale and the weighing stones (1 Kilo, 2 Kilos, etc). He also made sure the board is visible to all who passes by our house. Of course without the price on the board! 

To all of our surprise, our neighbors started to come to buy these sweet grapes. My dad would get excited, and start to pick up the scale to weigh the grapes. After putting those in a bag, buyers would ask how much it is and he would show some awkward look and say what the price is without looking at them. They show some pleasant surprise look because of the price my dad stated. He probably did not realize his price is 3 times lesser than the actual fruit shop. Then they start taking the money out to give for the price of grapes. As soon as they start doing that he realizes what he was doing and says, “Oh, no… no… no… no …it is okay, no need to give the money, just take them, take them, take them”. 

The neighbors get a bit puzzled and say “but you are selling it, we have to pay”. Then he would say, “Ah…no… no… I just wanted to see how it would be if I sell”. Neighbors are happy that they got nice juicy grapes for nothing. They got them for nothing before too. LOL.Hehe 

I guess, you have to have it in your blood to become a merchant. Obviously my dad doesn’t. So there goes the business. Thank God he did not become a merchant. No wonder he gave up being a lawyer after becoming one, just because he did not like the fact he might have to lie to defend his clients. Cool