Funny comments on India and Indians and my responses

Based on my conversations with some people and watching some videos on what non-Indians think about India, I am puzzled and shocked at their comments!!! I cannot really talk about all of their comments because that requires a lot of energy. Here are just 10 of those fun ones or funny ones if you like…

1.  “Indians are really dark may be because they eat a lot of curry”
My Comment:
Huh! Really? Hmmm…good to know. I will try not to eat curry and see if I get any less dark.  
 No thanks, I love curry and I love my color!

 2.  “Indians don’t have much education. They have a really thick accent when they speak in English”
My comment:
 Funny…I am LOL and ROFL!!! First of all, if they are speaking in English, they learned it. As far as the accent goes…you must have watched Simpsons a lot.  Try watching other shows missy. Like ‘Mindy project' or 'Community'. Oh wait…they are not Indians. They are Indian Americans. !!! 

3.  “I have never seen any Indian participate in Olympics”
My comment:
I am dumbfounded! Not sure whether to laugh or cry. So I did both.

4.  “They always bobble their heads for every question.”
My comment:
Hmmm…okay sort of true but not “always” and not ‘all of them’.  Okay….I will take this one and agree.

5.   “I heard an Indian man saying Chess was originated in India, I just laughed at this comment. 
      He must have dreamt this one.”
My comment:
 Ahmm…I think you probably lost your brain or it must have stopped working at some point in your life. Go see a brain surgeon. May be there still is hope for you. Do it soon before it is too late. Then you will know, Chess, Snake and ladders and many more games originated from India.

6.  “Indians make the largest number of movies a year close to what America makes. Like 200 a year”
My comment:
You are almost there. But US is nowhere near to what India produces every year. Approximately, United States produce approximately 400 to 500 a year, which includes Indi movies (Indi meaning Independent NOT Indian, just in case anyone is not sure)…Ha Ha Ha. Where as Indian movie industry produces over 1000 movies a year.

7. “They have way too many religions. Have you ever seen their Gods?  Way too many! No wonder they are lost and no connection with real God.”
My comment:
 Oh God! Do I have to respond to this? I will skip this one. I have no patience at this point.

 8. “I heard a speech once and this lady was saying the number system would not exist if Indians did not invent ‘zero’. Can you believe this nonsense? She had no right to give a speech like that”. Zero is English”
My comment: 
I have had it. Arghhhhh….I thought everyone is so savvy with the internet. 
Shouldn’t they have researched it before making such comments?

9.  “While making an intellectual conversation, one of my coworkers said Buddhism came from India. I had to educate her by telling, Buddhism did not come from India but from China.”
My comment:
Should I give up now? My energy level is going down. Do you call this intellectual conversation?

10.  “I heard India sent terrorists to Pakistan to kill people”
My comment: 
Okay, guys…I am giving up now I really don’t have the energy to respond.

Please keep in mind not everyone is like this. Only a limited number of people, who are so ignorant, covered with arrogance and pretend they know everything about other cultures when they have no clue. It is okay not to know about a culture. At least they should get to know about it before making ridiculous comments. Try to understand each other’s cultures before making a comment that may ignite hatred and destroy the relationship with your friend, co-worker or anyone you come across. So, just think before babbling. You may find a friend for life. 

I meant this for all human beings including Indians. Just don't judge a person or a culture without knowing anything. It would be more fun to learn about other cultures in a creative way than with a spirit of destruction.