In the memory of Bujji my brother

Jul. 12, 2017

When I read the message from Sudha, “Bujji is no more”, I was frozen for a moment.

Bujji is more than a brother to me. He is no less than my own brothers. He was a friend and I considered him to be my brother since he started calling me “Akka” (Elder Sister) from the day we met. I still remember that day. I was 5 or 6 years old when we moved to Ameerpet. While the house is being built on the land my parents purchased from Peddi (Prabhavathi) we were renting her house.

On the first day we moved in, the very first time I saw Durga (Peddi’s daughter) I knew we would be the best friends forever.  A funny habit Durga had that remained in my memory. She had a tendency to keep her index finger near her nostril. Of course, her weird habit disappeared, as we grew older.  

Durga was excited about us, being there. She was the youngest in the house, until we came. Then  my brother was. Whatever plans we may have for ourselves, a supreme power may have other plans for us. We have to move on without erasing those memories. No matter what, I still consider her to be my best friend, not only while she was on this earth but even after. Her death at a very young age left a dent in my life at the time. Although she is no more she always remains in my heart.

Durga wanted to take us, around the colony to introduce us to others as newcomers.

I had a red tricycle I used to roam around in the backyard while my little brother would sit in the back seat. I still remember the scene as if it just happened.  I guess there are some memories you can never forget! Durga was pushing from the back (she didn’t have to J] while I was peddling the tricycle. We were going on the street within the colony, right next to our home, I see these aqua green entrance doors, which were open. Durga made us stop right in front and started yelling “Bujji….” Bujji…”. (Bujji is his short name) Both Durga and Bujji became my friends on the same day. They both were born just one day apart on the same month and year. 

We were looking towards through the doorway and suddenly we saw this little boy who kept running towards us with such enthusiasm. He was wearing knickers and a white bush shirt/bull shirt with some dots or lines. {Some of you may be wondering what a bull shirt is! Same as a shirt with short sleeves and in case if you are also wondering what Knickers are, they are nothing but shorts up to the knees)

Durga told him who we are and we will be living there. He had a big wide smile and from then on started calling me ‘Akka’! How can I ever forget that! Ever since then we all became a big happy family. I never thought my younger brother would be gone before me. Bujji will never be forgotten. He is in my heart and will always be there as my brother who had a wide and cheery smile.

I am sure in my next life both Durga and Bujji will be my sister and brother again.

The place I grew up where everyone knew everyone and we all were a big… great family in the colony. Too bad the times have changed and we all have to move on with our lives.

What counts is, we are still a big and great family. 

This is reminding me of a song …
Sometimes you want to go
Where everybody knows your name
And they're always glad you came
You want to be where you can see
The troubles are all the same
You want to go where people know
The people are all the same
You want to be where everybody knows your name