Words by post with my little brothers

Mar. 26, 2018

Recently I started playing “WordsByPost” with my brothers.  One lives in India and the other is in San Diego for now. I speak to them at least once a week.

One day my brother from San Diego called and we started chatting. While chatting the conversation ended up with the “WordsByPost” game. I had a question about the game, so I asked him. The question was, ‘Why doesn’t it allow me to add a second word with the remaining letters?”

He asked me, what letters was I using? I said, ‘wait one second I will tell you…’ I have a tendency to do multitasking, I was looking for my phone so I can tell him what it was, while I was trying to cook and cut the vegetables, etc… I couldn’t find it. I told him I have to look and let him know once I find it. And, the rest of the conversation lasted another minute. During that minute I was getting concerned about my phone. Did I lose it somewhere? Did I leave it in my car? While speaking with him, I frantically started to look for it in my handbag and all over the house like a crazy/mad person, before going downstairs to the car.

After we hung up, I asked my daughter if she saw my phone anywhere that I seem to have lost it! I said “Oh please God! I cannot lose it, it has so much information and…(again) I cannot afford to lose it”.

She also started to look around and then she suddenly stopped and started to stare at me.
I said “What”? She said, “Are you kidding me? What is it in your hand?”