Mallamma, Mallamma, Mallamma…

I am not really sure how I can even attempt to write her story.  No matter how much I praise her in my writing it would not be sufficient. But here I am willing to try my best.

I knew her since I was 4 years old.

I don’t think I can justify by explaining my thoughts and emotions about ‘Mallamma’, one of the most important persons in my life as I was growing up. Not just in my life, but my brothers’, my cousins’, my parents’ and all the relatives who visited us.

She took care of me and my brothers just like my mom and maybe we got more attention from her because of the fact my mom was working and could not be with us 24 hrs a day. 

She would come before we woke up, and she would clean the dishes, sweep the floors, wash our clothes, bathed me and my brothers when we were toddlers. You name it, she had done everything possible to make us feel comfortable. Oh and the most important part of it all, she cooked! She became famous due to her ‘Sambar Masala Powder’, which she invented by mixing certain spices in her own way. Most of our relatives who visited us can never forget Mallamma’s Sambar. 

Due to the culture system or should I say the class system, sometimes, she was underappreciated.

Some of us just took all her efforts for granted. But I know for a fact, if she were not there, the situation would have been different in a not so smooth way. I am talking about, cleaning the house, clothes, dishes and of course cooking the food. Who would have done it with that much effort?

Yes, my parents could have gotten someone else, but there is no way in the world anyone could have done so much for our family as Mallamma did. While she herself had a family of 4 kids at the time and went through life losing one. Mallamma will always be in my heart. She was almost like a mother to me while I was growing up.

The minute she would step inside almost everyone is always calling “Mallamma, Mallamma, Mallamma…” Mallamma stole our hearts and we did not even know it then! I miss you Mallamma. You are part of the family and you will always be!

By the way, on a funny note:
One day, (Of course this happened more than once…) Our vegetable vendor, as well as the Laundry person,  were at the house at the same time.

At that time, my mom was calling “Mallamma, Mallamma, Mallamma…”

Then suddenly 3 voices responded at the same time “Yes amma…”

LOL!!! Big GrinCrazy!!! Wild