A 'movie star' with mesmerizing eyes

When I first saw one of my aunts, I must have been a teenager. All my aunts are beautiful from both my mother’s as well as father’s sides. But she is the only one with mesmerizingly beautiful eyes with light greenish color. So, I was fascinated with her eyes! 

It was sometime in either late 1970 or early 1971, my aunt just got married and came to visit us. I was a teenager then. While she was with us we all went to visit some of our other relatives a few miles from our home. The area we went to can be described as a ‘village’ type even though it was part of the city. 

While we were getting close to the house, we saw several kids playing cricket outside with such enthusiasm. The driver stopped the car in front of the house. While we were getting out of the car I noticed the kids stopped playing and stood there and started to watch the car and us getting out of it. As soon as my aunt got out of the car, there was a moment of silence from the kids and then immediately started running towards the car. At first, I thought it could be because of the car. But, noooo…. They all came to see this beautiful and gorgeous young lady with green eyes.

They all started staring at her with their beautiful smiles.
Boy oh boy!! When we Indians stare we really stare!

While listening to what they were mumbling I gathered they thought they are seeing a movie star and got so excited. Our Chauffeur had to calm them down while we were walking towards the house. 

My dear Shobpinni, you haven't aged a bit! For me, you still look the same and yes just like a movie star!

I cannot forget that incident. I wondered and wanted that kind of attention myself too when I grow up. I am still waiting and growing up. 

Maybe one day…Ha Ha Ha!!!